Why can’t I choose all images on all types of print medium

All images on photopi are unik works of art including the print. This means that careful considerations by the photographer and the staff at photo laboratory lies behind the choice of medium for an image.

Why are Photopi images so expensive

The main reasons are printing and framing. Printing is done on a very very high quality medium and are subject to intense quality control by very experienced and highly trained staff. This takes a lot of effort and some time results in prints being discarded. The framing and mounting are done by hand. Experts carfully build every work of art to ensure a perfect result.

Webshop account

As a customer you have to register an account. The account information is: your name, email address, physical address and mobile phone number. This is for shipping and billing operations only. Photopi does not share user information with any one. Photopi does not sell user information to any one.

Gravatar for your account

The gravatar for your account demands a registered gravatar account for Word Press. This is hosted at www.gravatar.com. It is not the policy of Photopi Denmark to demand registration at third party vendors. We are currently investigating how to include a gravatar locally. Until then, we do not recommend registration at www.gravatar.com.

How to close your account

The design of WooCommerce dictates how to close an account. Unfortunately this means that you cannot close your account from the Dashboard page of your account. Instead you have to send a membership Account Erasure Request email to the support team: support@photopi.dk. It is important that you use the same email adress as the account is registered to. Please write: Account Erasure Request in the subject line of the email. When the support team receives the email, a reply will generated containing a link that will allow you to close your account. We apologize for this inconvience and we are currently working on a solution, that will allow you to close your account from the dashboard. Please note that it can take up to a week for us to process an Account Erasure Request email.